Architecture: new construction, remodeling, consultation, Vashon and Seattle

rethink design
new construction, remodeling, consulting

you may find my services helpful if:

  • You have a plot of land and you’re ready to build a lovely home.
  • The flow in your home isn’t working right, but you can’t figure out what to do about it.
  • You’re looking for someone who understands you and will listen to you and what you need.
  • You love your home but you feel your family is outgrowing it.
  • You’ve started working from home and need an office.
  • You need to make your home safer and more accessible as you grow older.
  • You love cooking but dislike the way your kitchen works.
  • A parent or adult child is coming to live with you for an indefinite time.
  • You’d like to find how best to use the freed space in an empty nest.
  • You’re looking for someone to work with who puts your needs above her own design preferences.

new building

ReThink Design Architecture - new construction

Every piece of land is different. Where is the sun? How does the light move across your land? Is there a view you enjoy, or something you’d prefer not to see? If we explore these and other fundamental questions first, you will end up with a building that works for you and enhances your connection to the world around you. Who will live in this building? What will happen there? If we understand function, we can create a design flow that saves square feet and money without limiting your choices. Together we can express your personal style in a practical way.


ReThink Design Architecture - kitchen addition, dining area

Before you remodel, let’s take the time to explore your movement patterns and your space needs. Remodeling may involve adding a room or a deck to your home. However, often removing a wall, adding a window, or moving a door is all that is needed to make your home work much better for you. When remodeling my goal is always to make the best use possible of the qualities that are already there in the building, and then alter or add or remove to make it work even better


ReThink Design Architecture - consulting

Perhaps you are thinking about making some changes to your home but aren’t sure where to begin, or perhaps you are designing your own home and just want to bounce ideas off someone even if you want to do the final design yourself. If so, I’m available to meet and discuss your thoughts and ideas. Consultations are typically short – a couple of hours. The goal is to give you feedback on your ideas and confirm that your design will work for you – not to become the architect to manage your project.